Fundamental research in aeroacoustics

We provide and conduct subject training on aeroacoustics, fluid mechanics and numerics. The content covered can stretch from derivations of fundamental equations to hands-on sessions for aeroacoustic simulations.

Accurate aeroacoustic simulations require valid boundary conditions. For many materials, especially products under development, these are not readily available. For this reason, we have assembled measuring equipment and developed techniques which enable us to measure the exact properties of interest. This allows us to develop new aeroacoustic models and new acoustic boundary conditions.

The number of available acoustic analogies is large but not complete. We constantly work on the expansion of the acoustic hybrid methods and are always looking for new formulations to improve our software MGLET.

Automotive consulting services in aeroacoustics

Aeroacoustic is an non-stationary phenomenon: the complex concert of source terms, resonances and boundary conditions contributes to the sound radiation. Due to the combination of MGLET’s accurate flow and acoustic solver and our years of experience, we can offer competent consulting in analysing and acoustic optimization of automotive HVAC systems and automotive external flows.

High perfomance computing, flow simulation and aeroacoustics

For many physical phenomena, time-resolved flow results are a prerequisite and are required for a complete analysis and understanding. At the same time, direct- or large-eddy simulations of turbulent flows in complex geometries yield high demands on software, hardware and know-how. Using MGLET’s modern and efficient methods, KM-Turbulence can deliver time-resolved LES results that are cost-effective and within short turn-over times, even for complex cases, giving you new insights not available with traditional means.